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Customized Tour. Holiday Packages. Group Tour. Fixed Departure. Package Holiday. Tour packages. All-inclusive vacation. Called by several ways, a tour package comprises of transportation and accommodation advertised and sold together by a tour operator. It also includes activities or outings during holiday which may be optional to book.

Where ever you wish to travel in the world, Shree Corp is happy to assist you right from an economical holiday to a royal luxury trip. Making the world accessible, our team as pioneers of innovative domestic and international holiday tour packages aim to deliver exceptional travel experiences for you. We understand the emotions and feelings behind every travel plan, and how important it is to be a memorable and delightful trip. Each tour is intricately designed and customized by us for every traveller we work for. While the planning needs to be perfect, so as the importance of service support while you are on the move. We strive with our best services round the clock to keep the tour go safe and smooth while you discover the world’s alluring scenic beauty.

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Whatever you crave for, be it a self-drive luxury sedan experience in South Africa, onboard the Swiss rail enjoying romantic views, a desert safari in Dubai, lovely lively beaches of Thailand, beach holiday on the islands of Philippines, relaxing in a water villa in the premium resorts of Maldives, weekend getaways to the Himalayan hills from the scorching heat of Delhi, kids special tour to Hong Kong Macau, taking a cruise holiday from Singapore, or spending special moments visiting family friends in the United States, you just name it, we have it all. Shree Corp takes care of your travel needs right from selection of destination, flight tickets, stay arrangements, travel insurance, visa & forex assistance, airport transfers, day excursions and transportation, all under one roof. We know its not just designing a holiday but takes to a lifelong relationship with fascinating memories based on trust and values. We invite you to come and join with us on this nostalgic Journey and relish your precious moments of travel and celebrations.

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