Tuesday, 23 July, 2024

Mr. Anuj Agrawal

Mr. Anuj Agrawal (1981 – Present) is a visionary entrepreneur with a dauntless spirit of serving the mankind. An advance thinker and a person who follows honesty and simplicity. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electronics and communication engineering from JMIT, Kurukshetra University, India. He has more than 15 years of experience in the real estate industry and over two decades of business entrepreneurship. Mr. Agrawal found Shree Corp in November 2008 with its primary operations in Real estate advisory.

From early in life, In the year 2002 he started his career from Gurgaon as a wholesale supplier & retail trader of marble and granite operating in north India in the name of ‘Shree Granites & Marbles’ which he continued till 2005.

From September 2003 to November 2003, for a brief period he also worked for Bar code India Ltd as a service engineer in New Delhi. Visualizing the growth prospects in Gurgaon Real estate market, In November 2003 he expanded the business arm with Real estate consultancy firm ‘Shree Properties’, which was later merged in Shree Corp. During the period from 2003-2008, Mr. Agrawal worked with several corporates & NRI investors and tapped the boom of Indian economy during that decade.

With a substantial experience in service industry & under his able leadership, In February 2012, Shree Corp real estate operations extended internationally to Dubai (U.A.E.). In October 2014, realizing the need of hour, he diversified Shree Corp business into Hospitality sector with the launch of fully managed premium serviced apartments in Gurgaon for corporate expats. Foreseeing the potential and growth prospects in Travel Tourism industry, he managed to swiftly further diversify business of Shree Corp with the altogether new venture of travel consultancy in January 2016. Under his supervision to enhance the global presence in travel services and serve travellers of all nationalities, an independent entity Shree Corp LTD was incorporated at London-UK in May 2022. From Real estate to Hospitality and Travel tourism operations, Mr Anuj Agrawal is successfully presiding over Shree Corp management and also Heading the sales and operations. He truly enjoys doing hard work and dedicated with his commitment to serve.