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An Overseas travel always comes up with the need of best place where travellers can exchange their money. While exchanging money at an airport or from a bank may look simple and convenient option, they're definitely going to charge you extra with their very high exchange spread and a huge service fees, it’s easy for travellers to lose up a good percent of their money. It’s always a good idea for your clients to know and plan in advance where they can get the best exchange rates before going on vacation. Even though the US dollar is the most widely used type of currency across the world, whenever someone is traveling to a foreign country that has its own currency, its best to exchange your money for their currency. In today’s world, credit cards seem to be another convenient option being widely used and acceptable internationally but don’t forget on the hefty foreign transaction fees these companies charge and still many of us may not have one. When travelling abroad on holiday or business, higher studies or employment, migration or medical treatment, a combination of Currency Notes and Prepaid Multi Currency Forex Card is a safe and convenient way to carry your travel money.

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Shree Corp steps in to ease your travel in every possible way. We make you benefit through our corporate partner exchange rates negotiated by us with major money exchange dealers in India. Foreign exchange services for Currency Notes and prepaid forex Cards are available to book through us in a wide range of currencies on our special competitive market rates. Our exchange professionals will be happy to assist you in booking your forex requirement at best available exchange rates and also ensure a safe currency dealing. We have both door step or pick up facility in major cities in India. We also provide service for sending overseas remittance for study, medical, and other purchases or simply a gift to your loved ones which are as per allowed under the LRS scheme by Govt of India. With Shree Corp, you can be rest assured that you can buy foreign exchange which are genuine and which will help you enjoy your dream trip abroad.

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