Monday, 15 April, 2024

Spend less… fly smarter

Planning a vacation or visiting family, friends or whether travelling on a business tour, purchasing flight tickets and confirming your flight booking is the key aspect of planning a trip. Secure confirmed flight ticket booking in one’s hand is the first and foremost step taken by every traveller.

Technology has no doubt made flight booking process easier and comfortable over the years. Today one can easily book a flight ticket from anywhere anytime from thousands of available online travel platforms. At first it looks very easy to book yet for many to realise later that not only there is a requirement of a professional assistance but also getting a support from the online portals is much troublesome and untrustworthy. And if ever your flight gets cancel or you need an emergency support with the ticket booked while you are on the travel, whole of your tour plan may get disturb if you don’t find an immediate attentive support from your travel booking source. Not only it may be expensive sometimes to contact the travel support especially during overseas travel but also a time-consuming process. When it comes to claim the refunds from an online travel booking portal, almost every second case has a similar story of being duped and unsatisfactory dealing from such platforms.

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At Shree Corp, process of Air ticket booking is made simple, efficient and cost effective using both technology and offline professional expertise. We have partnered with hundreds of airlines and travel suppliers so we can offer you only the very best deals available that too at your very own convenience. One can book simply by sending a brief message to us by email or on wats app and we ensure that your tickets are booked with most suitable option at no added convenience cost to you. We have several times achieved our average handling time to complete whole air ticket booking process in less than four minutes right from query received – option quotes sent - ticket booked – payment complete which is as fast as booking online. When it comes for getting a support for booked ticket, we are just a message away. We understand the importance of a service quality, so as our refund policy which is transparent and traveller supportive. Ensuring our best services consistent at all times, we are proud to have served thousands of repeated customers and look forward to serve you booking with your next flight ticket.