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SHREE CORP LTD is an organization of repute and has gained a trustworthy image through its honest operations & workings. It serves in Travel Tourism sector. It intends to expand over next few years in other related emerging sectors like rendering Medical Tourism services.

SHREE CORP LTD plans its business operation model based on five-year period from the year 2022 & evaluate its progress at the end of every such term to grow further in the years to come. Reliability & Trust are the major pillars of this company. We look forward to grow both horizontally & vertically in whatever we do & also want our partners & investors to grow along with us. We are grateful to all of our clients & Investors who have supported & referred us since our onset till today & look forward for their continuous support in future too. SHREE CORP LTD shall remain committed to all those investors and clients whom we have served & those who are yet to join this journey with us. Working on a factor of Trust & Relationship, we have been appraised various times by our Clients & Customers.

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With a Strong Management Team, SHREE CORP’s mission is to create an unparalleled Entity as a diversified Company keeping the highest standards of Professionalism, Integrity & Customer services thereby contributing to & from the growth of global Economies.