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Singapore drops pre-arrival approval for non-vaccinated travelers

Singapore drops pre-arrival approval for non-vaccinated travelers and more relaxation on wearing of mask w.e.f. 29AUG2022

Singapore welcomes more visitors as non-fully vaccinated long-term pass holders and short-term visitors aged 13 and above travelling to Singapore will no longer need to apply for entry permit from August 29.

a) All non-fully vaccinated travelers entering Singapore from 28 August 2022, 2359 hours will no longer be required to undergo a 7-day SHN upon arrival, nor be subject to an exit-SHN Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test. However, they will continue to be required to test negative on a Pre-Departure Test within 2 days before departing for Singapore. Non-fully vaccinated Short-Term Visitors (STVs) will also continue to be required to purchase COVID-19 travel insurance to cover the duration of their stay in Singapore.

b) Currently, non-fully vaccinated Long-Term Pass Holders (LTPHs) and STVs aged 13 and above are required to apply for entry approval to enter Singapore. We will also lift this requirement from 28 August 2022, 2359 hours. As LTPHs are expected to stay in Singapore for a longer period of time, they will continue to be required to meet all VDS requirements after their arrival in Singapore.

c) Travelers who test positive for COVID-19 overseas are advised to follow the recovery protocols of the host country. For travel to Singapore, those who have tested positive for COVID-19 should defer their travel plans and not board commercial flights or ferries, as they may infect fellow passengers and crew while infectious. They should only resume their travel when they test negative, and at least 72 hours from the time they first test positive.

d) Vaccinated travelers are advised to resume their trip to Singapore only on or after the seventh day if they continue to test positive, while non-fully vaccinated people aged above 12 years old should only do so on the 14th day if they continue to test positive.

e) All inbound travelers will continue to file their electronic health declaration up to three days before arrival.

Changes to Safe Management Measures

The legal requirement for mask-wearing in indoor settings from 29 August 2022 is removedexcept for settings where essential services are carried out in enclosed and crowded areas, and which are frequently used by vulnerable persons. Based on these considerations, it will still be required the wearing of masks in the following two settings:

a) Healthcare facilities, residential care homes (including welfare and sheltered homes for the aged, as well as adult disability homes) and ambulances

b) Public transport: This covers the MRT/LRT and public buses, and indoor public transport facilities (e.g. boarding areas within bus interchanges and MRT platforms). Mask-wearing on private transport modes, as well as school buses, private bus services and taxis, will be optional.

Source: As per Published by Ministry of Health Singapore on 24-Aug-2022